What is Genius?


Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% Perspiration - Thomas Edison

We all have sat in the audience and marveled at a performance of a Champion that is riveting, spontaneous, and effortless. They appear to be dancing in the moment, passionately expressing their art with skill and precision. Is their performance inspired? Undoubtedly, but underneath that inspiration is the two P’s - Preparation and Perspiration. We’d all like to feel that moment- that performance where it all came together, felt easy, and effortless.

HLT is designed to help prepare you for those magical moments on the dance floor. The Hip Lift Technique breaks down the technique underlying the basic movement in a simple to comprehend, straight forward approach. HLT prepares you for your competitions by building your basics with precision. Follow our champions Decho and Bree as they demonstrate a systematic course created by the Rhythm man himself, Sam Sodano. HLT will improve your method of movement subsequently freeing you to dance in the moment.

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