Time to Design a New Action Plan!


July is here ... and it’s time to design a new Action Plan for this month to maximize achievement. Begin by investing time and attention on techniques that contribute to improving your base foundation.

One way is by developing better foot work:

  • The use of ‘inside edge ball flat', clarifies timing, gives speed, and allows the body actions to finish when moving onto the foot.

Being connected to the floor is vitally important for quality of movement. One of the primary keys to maintaining control is the connection between the feet and the floor. The Hip Lift Technique uses the method that requires the dancer to arrive on to the whole foot quickly, which gives the dancer the needed control, power, balance, and stability after the step is taken.

  • The use of 'ball of foot’ delay, helps a dancer achieve, greater control and the (50/50) connection to the floor when shifting weight,

When transferring weight, the standing foot helps shift the weight to the receiving foot. The Hip Lift Technique requires never to push or release weight completely off the back foot. Early release of pressure from the ball of the back foot, loses connection to the floor, causing lack of power, control and stability. The Hip Lift Technique uses a ‘ball of foot’ delay, meaning there is always a connection caused by the use of splitfoot weight (50/50) between the the ball of the standing foot to the receiving whole foot, giving the dancer a feeling of split body weight.

Start using Hip Lift Technique and gain greater understanding in how to use these simple concepts and watch how your dancing will improve!

Beautiful Basics with HLT!

Click HERE to begin learning techniques that will help to improve your foot work.

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