Dancing with Clear Body-part Specific Knowledge is Achievable!


When you look at top dancers ... it's easy to see that they've got something the rest of us don't. Part of it is genes, no doubt, and part of it is that they've usually spent a lifetime practicing their skills specific to their style of dance discipline.

Just about every dance training program addresses steps, patterns, and choreography. A good number of dancers will improve on those patterns and steps, but almost none of them are designed to give you the physical understanding that you see in those gifted dancers and who've really mastered their bodies. In fact, most people seem to believe you have to be born with it, but clear body-part specific knowledge can be learned and applied.

The Hip Lift Technique (HLT) has helped hundreds of dancers develop and understand what they need to do, and when and how to do it! It replaces any misunderstood training with a concise, accessible teaching program that you can fit into your practice routine, to get the benefits of a consistent and understandable skill that you can practice on your own time.

If you’ve ever wished for the confidence and understanding from someone who knows what they are doing, try implementing Hip Lift Technique into your training and see what it can do for you and your dancing.

Success doesn't happen by accident. Reaching your goals, developing and becoming a great dancer, teacher, and coach require hard work and precise, reliable training. HLT can help you transform, improve, and get you there!

Develop your Beautiful Basics and Become the dancer you want to be!


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