Trapped or freed by Technique?


So if the truth shall set you free, does that also work with technique? 

Dance is a process, a journey, a peeling back of the layers of an onion to reveal the next gem or nugget of information that not only inspires you but helps get you to the next level of your dancing.
But can too much information or too much technique impede a performance?  The answer is yes. As dancers we often get coaching that can seem conflicting or confusing at the time. Coaches can only impart their interpretation of the dance from their perspective. Sometimes one coach’s words resonate with us while another coach’s suggestion is confusing. We can often feel as if there’s a backpack of corrections that we carry into competition and it’s a burden to do all those details perfectly. On the other hand, without instruction, without direction, without structure, we cannot improve steadily forward.  
This is where the HLT can really help. It was created as a systematic approach, by breaking down the basics from the ground up, explaining not patterns, but what occurs between the steps. And as an online training series, HLT is something you can refer to over and over for clarification.
Developing and improving your basics can feel like you're going backwards at first. No one wants to work on basics. I can even hear your groans as you read this, but it is actually the most efficient road to improvement.   
And you need to start now! Don’t wait until two weeks before the comp. Start with one dance and watch and follow the Champions, Decho and Bree, on the HLT training series. Take that extra time to really understand and not gloss over what your feet are doing, Examine what your knee actions should articulate and what your hips should do on each step.  The time you spend is invaluable to your results.
Will it feel like an overload of information at first? Maybe, but gradually by biting off a small piece each day, you will create muscle memory.  Muscle memory and being able to produce technique on the dance floor when the music starts is the goal.
HLT can help get you there. HLT, the Hip Lift Technique, can set you free!

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