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Every year, presents quite a conundrum . . .

We want to start fresh - have a new and improved look, incorporate the latest trends in choreography, add new steps and exciting patterns.  It’s only human to be tempted by a shiny new toy, the latest gadget or by revamping our material.  But should we really throw out all the old with the new? That depends. 

The short answer is that although it’ is important to stay fresh and ‘au currant’ deep down, we all also know the plain and simple truth - nothing beats beautiful basics. Of course, our heads are turned by flashy choreography and great showmen. However, until you are skilled enough to pull off any material, relying on good, solid, basics are a better bet. Gambling results on the latest trends, constantly changing choreography before it has a chance to settle into your body are common mistakes that can be easily avoided if we sift down to what is most important.

The question- What’s the essence of good dancing? - always has the same answer. Beautiful basics.  So the real question should be- how do we keep our practices of Basics fresh? 

This is where the HLT online training program can be of service. On your road in this new year, and to assist a resolution of improvement, HLT provides you with a program that allows you to take small bites or large chunks of the apple. Maybe you only have time to concentrate on refining a few steps in your cha cha, maybe you only have time for the forward or backward lock step- either way, HLT will walk you through the details to polish your basics and perfect your movement. 

The HLT videos are designed to be your friend, your technical guide and companion on your dance journey to greater awareness, success, discovery, and exploration. The more you use the HLT system the more you will gain and retain. 

Start your New Year on the right footing and incorporate the HLT method. Studying and applying the HLT will transform your dancing. Remember - Beautiful Basics are never boring! 



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