Does Your Dancing Spark Joy?


There are eons of books to read . . .

and services to buy to help us organize, de-clutter and streamline our lives.  Within that milieu, best-selling author Marie Kondo’s book titled, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up hit the ground running in the U.S. after phenomenal success in Japan and Europe. 
However, it’s Kondo’s thought-provoking one-liner, “Does it Spark Joy” that has found its way into discussions far beyond the more mundane question of whether a piece of clothing or a knick-knack is still worthy of keeping. 
“Does it Spark Joy” has become a euphemism for relationships, career paths, and even heralded on sermon boards outside churches asking the ever elusive question of life- Are we missing something? Is there something greater than our mere existence?
Which brings me to the real question of today’s post. Does your dancing spark joy?
Not in others but deep inside of you? 
Most of us have had a moment when we’ve tried on a new outfit and it brought instantaneous delight. Or when you find the perfect gift or card for someone, or the project whether it was an art creation you helped your child with or a project at work or the soufflé that turned out perfectly. Moments of satisfaction and joy.
An unexpected better result at a competition or the excitement of new choreography can spark joy but what I’d really like you to consider- does learning spark joy?
We cannot turn back time. We cannot become younger, no matter what the beauty industry markets to us. We cannot have knees of a twenty-year-old or maybe the freedom or time to devote to our passion as we once did in our youth because of work commitments but we all can find joy in learning.    It’s the curious man/woman that is never bored.
So I hope you take a moment and ask yourself this question. What is it about my dancing that sparks joy? Is it the adventure of a new competition, designing a new dress, or getting a new routine or that spark of understanding that brings immeasurable joy when you the light bulb goes off and you learn something new or acquire a deeper comprehension.  I hope your dancing brings you all of the above but mostly I hope you find that the endless road of learning, the pursuit of quality dancing that harmoniously synthesizes emotion and technique bring you great happiness and joy. 
Now you know I couldn’t sign off without suggesting you look toward the HLT training series to find deeper knowledge, daily inspiration and to spark your joy of continual learning. 



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