Bolero HLT Video Lectures Now Available!


And now the dance you’ve been waiting for - the most romantic of all the American Rhythm dances - the Bolero! HLT is here to take your Bolero to the next level. Please click your "My Online Videos" tab above to see the Bolero HLT Lecture Videos. They are now available for viewing, with the Swing HLT Lecture Videos coming soon.

Bolero is unique as it combines Cuban action with rise and fall. Guided by 3X Rhythm Champions, Decho Kraev and Bree Watson, this fourth part of the HLT Rhythm series will teach you the specific application of HLT for Bolero while reinforcing all the Hip Lift Technique you’ve learned from the previous three videos.

HLT for Bolero Advantages:

  • A clear system to learn and explain Bolero hip movement
  • Technical breakdown for bolero hip movement
  • Understand weight transfer to create balance and shaping
  • Excellent resource for teachers, professional competitors, and students alike 

HLT & Bolero!


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