Got Hip Lift? -

The Hip Lift Technique can be used by Professional & Amateurs alike!

The purpose of the Hip Lift Technique is to deliver training that provides a concentrated opportunity to learn from the very best, including experts teaching the American Rhythm Style Hip Lift Technique as developed by Sam Sodano.

Unlike other American Rhythm training where a variety of differing approaches and opinions are presented, our Rhythm experts teach the Hip Lift Technique.  We feel this unified approach to American Rhythm will help teachers and students alike.

The Hip Lift Technique applies to all the Rhythm dances.  Learning in a concentrated forum from experts who agree on the Hip Lift Technique will facilitate both professionals and amateurs to progress more quickly.

The Hip Lift Technique was developed by Sam Sodano over a six-year period. Sam tested his theories on Decho Kraev and Bree Watson, who became 3 Time U.S. Rhythm Champions using the Hip Lift Technique.

Program Benefits

  • The Hip Lift Technique has proven to dramatically change competitive results for students, teachers, competitors.
  • Developed over 6 years by Sam Sodano, the original Rhythm King, and with proven results with 3X American Rhythm champions, Decho Kraev and Bree Watson.
  • Our panel of expert instructors include Sam Sodano, Decho Kraev, Bree Watson, Bill Sparks.


We are excited to offer a new interpretation of technique for American Style Rhythm featuring the
Hip Lift Technique



NEWS FLASH!!! - Blackpool Dance Festival: A landmark step for American Style! - World Ballroom Dancing Congress: Organized by BDC and WDC.

For the first time in the history of the iconic Blackpool event, American Style will be presented as a professional competitive event. Join us and support American Rhythm! Sam Sodano will be there - giving a lecture on his Hip Lift Technique. HLT is a detailed method that distinguishes American Rhythm from International Latin. Sam brings 50 years of history to his lecture, as well as a wealth of expertise. He plans to use former 3X U.S. Champions, Decho Kraev and Bree Watson and other couples to demonstrate and perform.

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